We have full attention on working the body condition. The body made from high quality fiberglass with strong shell with high precision mold. Then we give epoxy paint, color paint and finished off with a clear coat for glow or matte paint.
This paint process assures you will enjoy the most durable, long lasting protection currently available.

The frame is made of tubular iron pipe with good technical on the welding process. This sidecar is fully equipped with features that ensure its safety and comfortable ride. These features provide what the sidecar lovers dream of and has been designed to meet with various kind of situation.

The main features are as follows:

Steering Absorber : A hydrolic absorber is connecting the sidecar frame to the scooter front fork. This is to maintain the stability while steering the Vespa

Shock-breaker Adjuster : Different person might need different type of shock-breaker to suit each one comfortably need. This equipment is placed under the shock-breaker to accommodate various type of shock-breaker.

Wheel Adjuster : This equipment is to adjust the straightness of the wheel.

Body Adjuster :To match the horizontal position of sidecar with the Vespa. The right position will result the light and comfortable ride.

Store Compartment : A recessed multi function compartment is compactly designed at the rear side and completed with lock.

Night Lamp : For safety night ride the sidecar is provided with front night lamp.

The installation of the sidecar is designed to match with existing bolts position. No drilling is needed. This will maintain the original condition of the Vespa.