About Us

A little story about us..

25 years ago, we are the classic british motorcycle and classic Vespa sidecar maker. As times goes by, we developed and making sidecar for modern motorcycle and especially for modern Vespa. And we still doing it for vintage or classic motorcycle until now.

To have the sidecar attached to the motorcycle is a very good idea. It makes the motorcycle more beautiful yet functional at the same time. When we first tried the motorcycle with sidecar, we found out the sidecar balance when have load/passenger and shaking issues on the handlebars

We were challenged to design the good and comfortable sidecar. With our experience and several trials, we finally get the good design that overcome riding problems and suit the customer taste.

We strive to keep our customers satisfy, and offer the best performance and value in the business.

We thoroughly enjoy producing these “taste of art and comfort” creations for our appreciative customers and we have been gratified to receive orders from local and countries from other continents in the world, such as Europe, America, Australia and Asia it self.